English Golden Retrievers Health and Nutrition
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Regalgolden Health Clearances
We strive to produce the healthiest dogs possible. We will not knowingly breed dogs that have health problems and we test our breeding dogs annually to ensure they remain in top form.

All of Regal Golden breeding dogs have had their hips checked for hip dysplasia using OVC (Ontario Veterinary College), OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals), BVA (British Veterinarian Association), Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) or PennHip (University of Pennsylvania) testing. These tests are important because you can't tell just by looking at a dog if it has hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is both a genetic and environmental disease that affects larger breed dogs. We believe nutrition plays an important role in the prevention of this disease.

Our breeding dogs have been examined by a veterinarian, cardiologist and ophthalmologist and cleared, for both heart and eye issues. We adhere to the highest of breeding standards so that we may produce the healthiest puppies possible.

Responsible breeders will not breed dogs that have not had their health clearances. Make sure when you are selecting a breeder, that you ask about the sire and dams pedigree and health clearances. Pedigrees should trace back three generations.

Regal Goldens are only given the highest quality premium foods and supplements. Mom is fed nutritional supplements to pass onto her puppies. Good nutrition begins when the puppies are developing in the womb. We encourage every pet owner to continue feeding premium foods supporting good joint, heart and eyes as well as immune system support.

Suggested high quality foods are available at your local pet food store or butcher. Please note: premium dog food is NOT available at a grocery store. Unless you are purchasing raw food or vegetables.

Please do not feed your dog table scraps or human food. This has no nutritional value for your pet and in the long term may cause more harm like excess weight which can lead to hip and joint problems etc. The foods listed below provide balanced nutrition for your pet.

Considering a raw diet? There are so many benefits of feeding raw.

Your vet can tell you the optimum weight for your Golden but this is a guideline for a female / male:

Suggested high quality brands you may consider:
Fromm Large Breed Puppy Food
Fromm Dog Food
Raw Food Information - Big Country Raw Brand
Supplement Information - Omega Alpha

foodbrands Frommdogfood Fromm Raw Food Diet
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