Champion Bonett Bride El Paso - Frozen semen only

We are so happy to welcome Haydain to our Golden family. Upon his arrival following the long trip from Hungary, he pranced out of his crate as if to say "Hi, I'm here"! Haydain is such a happy-go-lucky boy. He is very sociable, loveable and just a huge lap dog. We are greatful to our friend Krisztina Suli from Bonett Bride Goldens for allowing this special boy to come all the way to Canada.

Haydain AT 3 YEARS

Lovable and affectionate boy that is not only gentle but very easy-going.

Haydain AT 4 YEARS OLD

Haydain's love for water may surpass his love for food.

Haydain at 2 years old

Haydain has a wonderful head. With exceptional black pigment.

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    Grand Champion Bonett Bride El Paso
    Born: February 4, 2012

  • Eyes Clear, 2018 - GR-EYE9571/61M-PI
  • Ichthyosis, Carrier, GR-ICH185/7M-VPI-CAR
  • PRA 1, Clear, GR-GR1-170/20M-VPI
  • PRA 2, Carrier, GR-GR2-22/20M-VPI-CAR
  • Hereditary Cataracts Clear, GR-CAT3/30M-VPI
  • Heart Clear OFA - Normal GR-CA23771/14M/C-VPI
  • Hips FCI A, Excellent
  • Elbows: Normal, FCI
  • Degenerative Myelopathy, Clear, GR-DM185/32M-VPI

  • Frozen semen only - available to approved bitches

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