• Raised kennel-free          • Quality European bloodlines          • Bred for outstanding temperament, health and structure

We are happy to discuss our upcoming litters with you in greater detail at any time. Since we offer only a limited number of puppies each year, we do recommend reserving a puppy in advance, If you are willing to wait a while for a puppy or are interested in joining our waiting list for an upcoming litter, please email us at info@regalgoldens.com

Our breeding program:
Our Goldens are bred & raised to be of superior quality with fabulous temperaments that Goldens are known for. We take breeding very seriously beginning with the selection of parents. Because our breeding standards are very high, no dog is ever mated unless it passes all health clearances.

Our litters are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and puppies are vaccinated age appropriately, vet checked with vet health certificates, temperament tested and dewormed.

The first 8 weeks are extremely important. Nutrition and environmental factors are just as important as genetics, so we do everything possible to ensure that our puppies are given the best possible start in these areas. Regal Golden puppies are given lots of individualized attention from the moment they are born. Our Golden Retriever puppies receive early Bio-Sensor neurological stimulation. These daily exercises have been shown to improve heart rate and strength, strengthen the function of the adrenal gland, increase tolerance to stress and resistance to disease.

Structural and temperament evaluations are performed around 7 weeks of age to ensure that a puppy’s individual trait will complement its new family as best as possible..

We do not allow visitors for the first 4 weeks of our puppies' new life as their immune system is still developing at this point and it is best not to take any risks with exposing them to disease. From the time they are a few days old, we touch and rub our puppies regularly and hold them close to us so they can get used to the human scent. All puppies are well socialized with adults, children of all ages and other dogs. They are also exposed to all the sights and sounds of a normal household.

At Regal Goldens, we strive to create a healthy enviornment for our puppies to get the best possible start in life. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us!

Sample Litter - Birth to 12 weeks of age.
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