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Puppy Buying Ediquette How to go about buy a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder....

Reconsider Neutering your Dog Neutering may cause certain cancers and joint diseases...

Reasons to Spay and Neuter later Neutering may cause certain cancers and joint diseases...

Reasons to Spay and Neuter later - article #2 Neutering may cause certain cancers and joint diseases...

The Benefits of Vitamin C for your dog Vitamin C to help the immune system and support bone growth - alternatively to help prevent Hip Dysplasia.

Fromm Premium Dog Food Quality food for the life of your dog.

Feeding a Raw Diet - article The benefits of a raw diet, how to feed.

Golden Retriever Club of America Learn about breed history and more.

My Puppy School A free online puppy training resource with instructional videos, a knowledge quiz and even a workbook to track your progress.

First Aid & Emergency Medical Care for Dogs Those who know basic first aid for pets may be able to save the lives of their beloved companions in times of emergency.

Farley Foundation The Farley Foundation is a registered charity that assists low-income pet owners with emergency veterinary care.

Understanding Comformation Dog Shows in Canada Conformation dog shows in Canada consist of three main stages: the breed competition, the group competition, and the best in show competition.

Canadian Kennel Club The Canadian Kennel Club is a dynamic non-profit, national service organization focused on the promotion and advancement of purebred dogs in Canada.

So, you think breeding is easy and you want to breed your dog? This is a great article about the challenges breeders face with every litter.

Traveling with you pet. What you should know before you travel.

Resource Guide for the Blind Service dogs are dogs with special training that are able to assist people with various medical conditions or disabilities....

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