Regalgoldens Unforgettable Song

Fiona is the daughter of Hudson, our boy who is now 14.5 years old. His Swedish lines are known for their longevity. Our goal was to continue his legacy and Fiona did not disappoint. As noted, she has passed all of her health clearances. With a nice top-line, great front and rear angles, and effortless movement, she is a very well-balanced girl. Fiona is happy, confident, and easy-going. There aren't enough words to describe how exceptional this girl is!

Fiona at 12 months old

Fiona has a lovely topline

Fiona at 12 months old

Fiona has a glowing personality and a strong will to please.

Fiona at 12 months old

Never a need to stop playing in Fiona's world.



    Regalgoldens Unforgettable Song
    Born May 15, 2021

  • Eyes Clear, 2023 - GR-EYE32159/28F-VPI
  • Prcd_PRA, Clear, Parentage
  • PRA 1, Clear, Parentage
  • PRA 2, Clear, Parentage
  • Ichthyosis, Carrier, PawPrints #93278
  • Heart Normal, GR-BCA4536/12F/C-VPI
  • Hips: OFA Fair, GR-141567F24F-P-VPI
  • Elbows: Normal, GR-EL61250F24-P-VPI

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